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Project Management is a skill needed for a project manager to undertake his tasks successfully implemented. A project is a job that is done once whereas most other jobs are on-going or repetitive and managing one time jobs is different from managing on-going ones. Project management is the planning, scheduling and controlling the project activities to meet project objectives. The major activities that must be met include performance, cost, and time goals. Therefore the management of a project is a crucial skill to be mastered by a manager. Although managing projects has been on for thousands of years the practice has only recently been recognized as a discipline in its own right. In today’s fast pace world, organization that practice sound project management methods have a competitive advantage over those who fly by the seats of the pant. Why? Because competition becoming time-based and as well as cost-based.



    1. Understand the basic principles, techniques, and practice in Project Management.
    2. Recognize the critical aspects of Project Management that is Cost, Performance, Time and Risk.
    3. Know the complex human relationship including leadership, teamwork and conflict management.
    4. Apply various techniques of effective planning and control of project tasks.
    5. Present project plan and tasks and their justification for proposals.
    6. Recognize the common pitfalls in project management and how to avoid them.



    1. An Overview Of The Project Management
      • What is a Project
      • What is Project Management
      • The Human side of Project Management
      • Steps in Managing Project
      • Project Management System
    2. General Approach To Project Planning
      • The Importance of Planning
      • Project Planning Steps
    3. Developing Project Mission, Goals And Objectives
      • The Importance of Mission Statements
      • The mission Identification Process
      • Developing Project Objectives
    4. The Planning Tools
      • WBS
      • Scheduling Project Work – CPM/PERT
      • Gantt Chart
    5. Project Control & Evaluation
      • Team Member Self Control
      • Project Control System
      • Designing the Right System
      • Project Evaluation
    6. Q & A Session



Personnel who can follow the training are Supervisor, Manager up to the upper level in Divisi SDM and personalized professional who wants to add a strong skill for project management.



    • Ibis Style Hotel Yogyakarta
    • Gino Feruci Hotel Bandung
    • Sofyan Betawi Menteng Hotel Jakarta
    • Harris Seminyak Hotel Bali
    • In House Training*


The Facility and investment

    • The facility: Hard Copy Material, USB Flash disk, Training Kits, Coffee Break & Lunch, Certificate, Souvenir
    • Investment of Rp. 6.000.000,- (Six million rupiah) per participants



    • Using the Zoom Application
    • The facility: Hard & Soft Copy File, USB Flashdisk, Training Kits, Certificate, Souvenir
    • Investment of Rp 4.000.000,- (four million rupiah) per participants


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