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Increased pressure to complete projects on time, within budget, and with agreed components, the need to identify, manage, and control project-based risks is the key to success. Project managers must use experimental and accepted techniques to manage identified risks and have access to practical strategies to deal with emerging issues. This training uses presentation methods, discussions, and practical exercises related to the industry, of course, it addresses these issues in a concise and pragmatic manner.



After this training, participants are expected to:

    1. Use practical steps and processes to manage project risk
    2. Identify threats, opportunities & weigh relative values ​​in a project
    3. Control some risks using strategy boundaries
    4. Overcome psychological barriers to risk in stakeholders and team members
    5. Evaluate risk assessment and risk management at the project closing stage



    1. Definition and Practical Concept of Risk Management in the Industry
    2. Pros and Cons of Risk Management
    3. Business vs. Technical Risks Risk vs. Implementation Risks
    4. The Wheel Risk Management Process & Identifying Risks
    5. (Qualitative & Quantitative) Analysis of Risks: Tools and Techniques
    6. Risk response & Manage Risk
    7. Reporting on Risk Management Results



This training is intended for: Staff, Supervisors, Managers, Practitioners, Professionals who want to increase their knowledge of Risk Assessment and Risk Management for Oil and Gas Projects



Presentations, Discussions, Brain Storming, Case Study.



    • Ibis Style Hotel Yogyakarta
    • Gino Feruci Hotel Bandung
    • Sofyan Betawi Menteng Hotel Jakarta
    • Harris Seminyak Hotel Bali
    • In House Training*


The Facility and investment

    • The facility: Hard Copy Material, USB Flash disk, Training Kits, Coffee Break & Lunch, Certificate, Souvenir
    • Investment of Rp. 6.000.000,- (Six million rupiah) per participants



    • Using the Zoom Application
    • The facility: Hard & Soft Copy File, USB Flashdisk, Training Kits, Certificate, Souvenir
    • Investment of Rp 4.000.000,- (four million rupiah) per participants


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