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Business competition becomes more intense at the moment, requires companies to be more creative in facing such competition, one way to create products or services desired by customers and market the product so that it can be accepted by the public. One of the benchmarks for measuring the success of a product or company is through customer satisfaction on the product or the company. To gain customer satisfaction, it is necessary to note several things as follows: consumers expect high-quality products or services (High Quality), a competitive price (Cost Down), as well as excellent service (On-time Delivery). Thus, customer satisfaction will be achieved and is expected to be a loyal consumer (Continuous Customers). Attempts to gaining customer loyalty can be done by the marketing as a marketer of products or services of companies that deal directly with consumers. One of the media or the method of doing the right marketing is by implementing the marketing mix. This training will provide insight into effective marketing management along with examples implementation of the application of existing concepts in marketing management.



After this training, participants will be able to:

    1. Understanding the concept of marketing management
    2. Applying Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning.
    3. Applying the concept of the marketing mix
    4. Make forecasting sales and marketing plan effectively
    5. Understanding marketing control management



1. Marketing Concept

    • Definition of Marketing and Marketing Management
    • Orientation and Marketing Management Philosophy
    • Marketing activities.

2. Consumer Behavior

    • The concept of consumer behavior
    • Characteristic of Market Organization
    • The process of Decision Making Purchases of Individuals and Organization / Business

3. Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

    • Market segmentation
    • Target market
    • Positioning

4. Marketing Mix

    • Product Policy
    • Price Policy
    • Promotion Policy
    • Distribution Policy.

5. Strategy and Planning and Control of Marketing

    • SWOT Analysis and Business Strategy
    • Sales forecasting
    • Marketing Plan
    • Management Control Marketing

6. Closing



The staff, Supervisor, and Manager of Marketing, Sales, Business Development, and Customer Service



    • Ibis Style Hotel Yogyakarta
    • Gino Feruci Hotel Bandung
    • Sofyan Betawi Menteng Hotel Jakarta
    • Ibis Style Kuta Circle Hotel Bali
    • In House Training*


The Facility and investment

    • The facility: Hard Copy Material, USB Flash disk, Training Kits, Coffee Break & Lunch, Certificate, Souvenir
    • Investment of Rp. 6.000.000,- (Six million rupiah) per participants



    • Using the Zoom Application
    • The facility: Hard & Soft Copy File, USB Flashdisk, Training Kits, Certificate, Souvenir
    • Investment of 4.000.000,- (four million rupiah) per participants nonresidential
    • The price is not including taxes


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