Material Handling

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Material Handling



In the construction and mining, the use of heavy equipment is a matter that cannot be avoided. That is because of the material produced in large quantities, a lot, even heavy that require heavy equipment both in the process of excavation and to remove such material. In order for the material removal process can be effective; it requires a special method of “Material Handling”. For the people who are involved directly or indirectly in the handling of this material need to follow training on this subject.



After this training, participants are expected to:

  1. Improving knowledge and insights regarding the material handling for the purposes of the survey and mobilization, physical properties of materials, machine and attachment functions;
  2. Improving knowledge of the production capacity, the calculation of the cost of the machine and production costs.



1. Survey and mobilization of heavy equipment

2. Understand the physical properties of materials

3. Election of heavy equipment

4. The function and application of heavy equipment and attachments

5. The production capacity of heavy equipment

6. The method of calculation of the production capacity for:

  • Bulldozer for land clearing
  • Bulldozer for dozing and ripping
  • Wheel loader and dozer shovel
  • Hydraulic excavator
  • Highway dump truck
  • Motor Grader
  • Compactor

7. Selection and operation cost calculation tool

8. Calculation of the number of tools and production costs



This training Material Handling is intended for field engineers and other field staff who on duty to handle the material in the field or anyone intending to deepen about the material.



Presentation, Discussion, Brainstorming, Case Study



  •  10-12 Juni 2020
  • 29-30 Juni 2020
  • 8-10 Juli 2020
  • 28-30 Juli 2020
  • 12-14 Agustus 2020
  • 18-19 Agustus 2020
  • 9-11 September 2020
  • 28-30 September 2020
  • 14-16 Oktober 2020
  • 26-28 Oktober 2020
  • 11-13 November 2020
  • 9-11 Desember 2020
  • 22-24 Desember 2020
  • 29-31 Desember 2020



  • Ibis Style Hotel Yogyakarta
  • Gino Feruci Hotel Bandung*
  • Sofyan Betawi Menteng Hotel Jakarta*
  • Ibis Style Kuta Circle Hotel Bali*
  • In House Training*


The Facility and investment

  • The facility: Hard Copy Material, USB Flash disk, Training Kits, Coffee Break & Lunch, Certificate, Photo Group, Souvenir;
  • Investment of Rp. 6000.000,- (Six million rupiah) per participants nonresidential;
  • The price is not including taxes



Budi Basuki, ST., M.Eng. & Team


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